Meet Jake Daniels

By: Meghan Schrader 

Jake Daniels is currently in his last semester here at Trine, majoring in communications. Jake is from Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Jake came to Trine to get the best education possible and to continue his basketball career. He thinks that Trine is a very special place to be a part of.  Jake enjoys how live the campus feels when you are on it. He remarks that it makes you feel like you are at home right away and that the “vibes” are great. He also appreciates our beautiful facilities, especially his personal favorite, the MTI center. It has all the resources you need to be successful on and off the court. 

For the past two years, Jake has been involved with the Men’s basketball team. 

“I have had an amazing two years playing here under Head Coach Brooks Miller. I was very fortunate to have been around such a great group of guys and this is something I am very proud of.”

Jake’s favorite food is anything to do with seafood, especially sushi, and he has a big sweet tooth. A few of his favorite movies are Glory Road and Coach Carter and he highly recommends them to everyone, but especially basketball lovers like himself.