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Executive Chef

At Bon Appetit Management Company we are committed to two things, great food and outstanding service! At Bon Appetit you won't find our managers referring to a corporate recipe book or our chefs microwaving the lunch special. We do not have standardized recipes or central commissaries, instead, our chefs and managers are expected to stay abreast of current culinary trends and bring cutting edge food into their cafes. We are a restaurant company that operates in contract food service. That means you will have the freedom to be creative, take risks, and truly shine. We are committed to our staff growing, trying new things, and learning all that they can. Our rapid growth and breadth of accounts translates into exciting opportunities for our people!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage cost controls and control expenditures for the account
  • Plan and create all menus
  • Purchase and manage inventory
  • Roll out new culinary programs in conjunction with Bon Appetit’s marketing and culinary team
  • Enforce food quality throughout the entire dining account
  • Hold staff meetings for food safety, quality issues and innovations
  • Provide seasonal menu items for Catering Department
  • Ensure the vision and proper food programs are consistent through audit checklists

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Culinary degree preferred
  • Three to five years of culinary management experience
  • High volume production and catering experience
  • Previous experience managing cost controls
  • Desire to learn and grow with a top notch food service company

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