International Scholarships

Students gathered at the foutain

Trine Global Scholars Award

International students are eligible for our Trine Global Scholars Award. These are awarded upon admission to eligible F1 degree seeking students.

Trine Global Scholars Awards are awarded each year for a total of four years and are based on academic merit. Please contact your admission counselor if you need more information.


Transfer Student Scholarships

International students transferring from US universities are eligible for our transfer student academic awards. This is dependent on GPA. These scholarships range from $12,000 to $20,000 renewable each academic year.

International students who have completed the equivalent of 12 credits of full time higher education study in their home country are also eligible for the Transfer Scholarship. Transfer credits are evaluated upon admission and submission of university transcripts.


*Please Note: The international transfer scholarships are for undergraduate students only.  Graduate students do not qualify.