Northern Neighbors Award

Northern Neighbors Award

Only 10 miles south of the state line in Angola, Indiana, Trine University offers a private, affordable education for Michigan students that provides personal attention, expert faculty and superior job placement after graduation.

Newly enrolled first-year and transfer students for fall 2020 who are Michigan residents are eligible for the Northern Neighbors Award, which provides $2,400 annually toward tuition for a traditional undergraduate degree. The award is meant to replace the Michigan Tuition Grant that was recently vetoed by the state's governor.

Students who are Michigan residents who want to receive the award must:

The award is not based on need and is renewable up to four years. It adheres to the university policy on stackable awards*.

Tuition at Trine is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. To learn more about the affordable, quality private education offered at Trine, check out the Discover Trine page or schedule a visit at

*Stackable awards (limit of two) are used to meet student need and may be combined with an academic tuition scholarship, not to exceed the cost of tuition.