Trine Math Club holds annual event

April 30, 2013

ANGOLA, Ind. – Area children plus the Trine Math Club equals one evening of fun – at least that's how the equation worked out recently during Trine University's annual Kids Math Night.

Approximately 45 first- through fifth-graders from Angola, Fremont, Pleasant Lake and Prairie Heights elementary schools took part in the free activities on Friday, April 12.

"Math Club members developed math-related activities appropriate for the youngsters," said Haseeb Kazi, Ph.D., Math Club advisor. "It's important to challenge and entertain the children as we show them the importance of math. It's a great way to lay a foundation and generate interest in math."

Trine Math Club members planned activities with two common denominators: math and fun. Children used math to solve puzzles, had fun with math twister and tested their measuring skills by making batches of play dough to take home. Pizza served as a snack and as a way to work on division skills. The event also provided many parents an opportunity to see their children use different math skills.

"The math organization strives to be a resource to students, parents and teachers in the community," Kazi said. "This gives the community a chance to meet our students and see what Trine has to offer."

Cutline:  A group of grade-schoolers from Angola, Fremont, Pleasant Lake and Prairie pose for a photo during Kids Math Night at Trine University.

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