Innovation One hosts economic development forum

September 11, 2015

SEPT. 11 -- Chuck Surack, founder and president of Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, shared insights about his multiple businesses when he gave the keynote address during the Eighth Annual Northeast Indiana Economic Development Forum on Thursday at Trine University. Surack also shared his five rules with the nearly 175 in attendance. The event was hosted by Trine's Innovation One.

Surack Surack said his rules work for business, home, family, friends, church and just about everything. His rules are:

Remember that "people do business with people," treat everyone well.

"Integrity, I only want to be around people with integrity.

"Passion in all you do, without passion individuals do not achieve their best.

"Give back and help others; help the less fortunate, plus it feels good.

"Always, always, always do the right thing."

Among the many business leaders and entrepreneurs was a group of students in the global economy class at Angola High School.

Angola HS studentsMembers of a global economy class at Angola High School attended the forum on Thursday. Shown here, from left, are Megan Taks, Abby Buchs, Addison Trine, Alyssa Buell, Holly Weicht, Kendall Floto, Hannah Cowen and Becca Buchs. Bryan Garcia was also at the table.

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