Education graduates have 100% placement for 4th straight year

August 05, 2016

For the fourth straight year, 100 percent of the May graduates from Trine University’s Franks School of Education who were seeking teaching positions will be working as teachers in the fall.

“We are thrilled that once again all of our Franks School of Education graduates who were seeking teaching positions have secured employment,” said Anthony Kline, Ph.D., interim dean of the Franks School of Education. “Our fourth straight year of 100 percent job placement is a testament to the high quality of our graduates.”

The Franks School of Education had 10 graduates in May. Of those, nine sought and successfully found teaching positions, while the tenth is pursuing a master’s degree.

Six of the nine who found positions will teach at the high school level, while the remaining three will teach at the elementary school level.

“Our graduates' success reflects directly on the strong partnerships we have with our wonderful area schools,” Kline said. “Our candidates can spend more than 200 hours in local and regional schools even before their student teaching internships begin. These clinical hours, which begin during their very first year at Trine University, prepare them to understand the joys, challenges and complexity that today's educators encounter on a daily basis.

“Also, respondents from our most recent employer survey indicate that beginning teachers from Trine University are more prepared when compared to graduates from other teacher preparation programs.”

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