Faztek partners with Trine

May 13, 2016

Fort Wayne safety guarding solutions provider Faztek has officially announced a collaborative partnership with the Trine University Allen School of Engineering and Technology.

Due to the custom nature of Faztek’s product offering, each machine guard is designed and built specifically to fit the customer’s unique needs. Last year, Faztek and Trine University began a trial program in which 10 engineering students worked to design 3D AutoCAD custom safety designs for Faztek customers. Due to the tremendous success of the program, the safety guarding company announced the partnership will continue indefinitely.

After an initial conversation with the customer, the Faztek drafting team uploads information about the project onto an online portal, where Trine University engineering students can accept or decline. From there, the students work independently to create a 3D AutoCAD mockup of the safety guarding solution and present the design to Faztek designers for feedback.

“The Design Engineering Technology students have greatly benefited from the partnership with Faztek by having opportunities to earn income and work over 650 hours on real industrial design projects as they complete their undergraduate degrees,” said Thomas Trusty, associate professor and chair of design engineering technology at Trine University. “The industry experience gained from this opportunity is one of the many reasons students at Trine University are highly regarded as ready to contribute immediately when they start their careers as they complete their undergraduate degrees.”

The relationship is mutually beneficial, as Trine University students gain real-world experience working on customer projects, practice time management skills and earn money for each project completed, while Faztek can accurately complete design projects within a timely manner.

“Faztek is known for its quick turnaround time on custom safety guarding solutions, and working with Trine engineering students throughout the past year has been incredibly helpful in terms of productivity,” said Aaron McDevitt, COO of Faztek. “We are thrilled to officially announce the continuation of this partnership, and we look forward to working with these incredibly talented students for years to come.”

For more information on Faztek and its custom industrial safety guarding solutions, visit www.faztek.net.

About Faztek 

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Faztek is an industrial safety guarding provider that works directly with customers to create custom safety solutions to protect employees, machines and companies as a whole. Faztek is one of the only companies in its field with the ability to create hybrid guarding systems consisting of aluminum, steel and electronic safety guarding materials so manufacturers are operating in accordance with federal regulations. Faztek’s mission is to provide quality guarding solutions through innovative designs, dependable service, efficient turnarounds and appropriate prices. For more information, visit www.faztek.net.

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