International students bring perspective to education class

November 30, 2017


Six Trine University international students participated in a roundtable discussion with an education class on diversity and its impact on education during a recent class.

Maysam Mourad, Shaima Al Namie and Ebrihem Al Namie of Saudi Arabia, Ayasha Faria of Bangladesh, Lai Lie Sze of Malaysia and Anas Nawwar of Egypt took part in the discussion during EDU 322 Culturally Responsive Teaching on Nov. 13.

“The student roundtable was a very impactful experience,” said Branden Turner, a junior from Pioneer, Ohio, majoring in elementary education. “I learned a lot about some of the struggles and difficulties that students from international backgrounds go through here in the U.S.”

"It is amazing to see how hearing a different perspective can lead to greater understanding about the world around us,” said Heath White, a senior from Liberty, South Carolina, majoring in social studies education. “Without this different perspective, we would be blind to important aspects of our own culture."

"Being invited to a class to share about your culture and the difficulties you face as an international student really shows how much Trine cares about diversity," said Nawwar. "I feel like when these teachers graduate, they are going to help international students and provide them the right atmosphere to participate as any American student would."

“Diversity is not a weakness, it is a strength,” said Lai Lie Sze. “It is a powerful tool because people from different colors and cultures share their views from different angles, which forms an unbeatable community.”

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