State approves wider special education licensure at Trine

November 29, 2018

KlineTrine University’s Franks School of Education will begin offering special education licensure programs for preschool through 12th grade in the spring 2019 semester, after receiving approval from the Indiana Department of Education to expand from grades K-6.

Anthony Kline, Ph.D., dean of the Franks School of Education, said the expansion will help provide more teachers for an area many school districts are struggling to fill.

“We reached out to our stakeholders and asked them about expanding special education and the response was overwhelmingly yes,” Kline said. “Special education is one of the biggest needs in education across the country.”

The new licensure option also will open up more opportunities for Trine’s secondary education graduates, Kline said. For the first time, some secondary education programs can add special education licensure to an existing content area within their four-year degree program at Trine.

“Now our secondary students who have a heart for special education can major in social studies education and special education, or English education and special education. To complete both licensures within four years is a tremendous value to our teacher education candidates,” he said.

One of the fastest-growing teacher education programs in Indiana, Trine’s Franks School of Education is guided by highly respected former teachers, administrators and department chairs. The school has a 100 percent employment rate for its licensed graduates over the past six years, with recent graduates achieving a 100 percent pass rate on the Core Academic Skills Assessment, Content Area Assessment and Developmental Assessment tests.

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