First Trine faculty podcast focuses on keeping online information safe

October 24, 2019

Bill BargeTrine University has launched the new Faculty Focus podcast through the Trine Broadcasting Network.

The podcast, with new episodes planned monthly, features interviews with Trine University faculty members about current research and/or topics of interest to the community at large.

In the inaugural episode, Dr. Bill Barge, associate professor in Trine University’s Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, talks about how our personal, financial and other information is protected online, and how hackers and other cybercriminals are sometimes able to get around these measures. He also talks about the pitfalls of electronic and online voting, and shares practical tips on keeping your private information safe.

The podcast, hosted by James Tew, senior director of content and communications, is available at as well as on and platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

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