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September 04, 2019

By Jarod Davis
Communications '20

Seeing different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures can open a person’s mind to new possibilities as well as opportunities. Kacie Galloway, a junior exercise science major, had that opportunity when she studied abroad during the spring semester through the International Studies Abroad (ISA) program at Kingston University in Kingston, London.

Kacie Buckingham PalaceInspired by her two older brothers, who also had overseas study abroad experiences while in college, Kacie studied abroad from January to April. Kacie had to learn how to navigate and travel around Kingston, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom, on her own, which ultimately taught her to be more independent.

Depending on what time her classes started, Kacie would head to markets around town to pick up food, then go to the university to work in the library before her two- to three-hour lecture classes. She notes her educational experience studying abroad in Europe was quite different from what she was used to in the U.S.

“You really had to teach yourself to do a lot of the work,” she commented. “In America, you go to class two to three times a week where each course meets three hours weekly, you take notes and then do the assigned homework to prepare you for upcoming quizzes or tests. At Kingston University, it was much different. In the exercise science classes I was enrolled in, there was only a final project or one exam that my grade was based on. I had to learn new skills to help stay organized in each class, including new time management skills, and I developed a strong relationship with my professors and classmates.”

“Traditionally, students of all ages go to the pub every day for a drink and to enjoy a local favorite, fish and chips, after class!” she recalled.

Kacie Telephone BoothSome of Kacie’s favorite memories came from her experiences traveling during her free time, from exploring different cities in Great Britain to traveling to other countries including Italy, Ireland and Croatia. Kacie said she enjoyed the interactions she had with other cultures.

While spending St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Ireland with her friends, she toured beautiful sights like Moher Cliffs, Blarney Castle and the Jameson Distillery Museum. She experienced a local parade and an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

“On St. Patrick’s Day we went into the city of Cork, Ireland, where people of all ages surrounded the main street, St. Patrick’s Street,” she recalled. “The town was not that big, so there was not much extra room, and we ran into a store selling very traditional Irish gifts for the upcoming parade. We bought Irish flag scarves and shamrock sunglasses, putting us right in spirit prior to watching the parade with the locals.
“The city of Cork is not that big, so it was very cool to live in the moment, as the whole town was there celebrating. After the parade ended, everyone filled each of the dozens of local pubs in town. I really thought it was interesting in Ireland how each of the pubs are very unique in their own way.
“However, one thing that was common wherever we went was the traditional Irish music. Listening to live music wherever we went was very moving, and exciting also, especially on St. Patrick’s Day, to feel like you were living the life of the typical Irish person.”

Now that she is back at Trine for the fall semester, professors have been excited to see her pictures and to listen what she was able to learn while abroad. Sharing her experiences and wanting to stay in touch with people she met abroad has opened new opportunities and friendships for her.

The experience also helped Kacie think more concretely about her plans for what she wants to do after she graduates from Trine in 2021.

“While studying abroad, I came to realize I enjoy photography as more than just a hobby. Having the opportunity to travel and see other parts of the world made me realize I want to capture moments beyond what the human eye can see,” she said. “I want to show people how beautiful this world we live in really is, and through my photography, get to know people I may not otherwise have the chance to meet. I want to travel and show people the parts of the world beyond what you can see on your phone, a map or on television.”

Kacie leaning tower of PisaKacie strongly encourages students to find ways to travel, perhaps over Christmas break, spring break or maybe after graduation, and to work closely with Haseeb Kazi, Ph.D., director of Study Abroad at Trine.

“If you have the chance to travel or study abroad for a semester, remember that the moments go very quickly, and to enjoy every second of what you see,” she said. “Remember to live in the moment before you take your phone out trying to capture the perfect shot!

“I am so thankful I had the opportunity to travel abroad through the ISA Program at Trine. The experiences I was able to have both academically and while traveling to various countries allowed me to see places and meet people, I never thought possible.”

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