Trine awards students at STEM Symposium

December 10, 2019

Several students have been honored for projects presented at Trine University’s third annual STEM Research and Design Symposium, held Dec. 6 on the concourse of the MTI Center.

The symposium featured 55 student projects from the Bock Department of Biomedical Engineering, the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering, the Department of Science, the Department of Exercise Science, the Department of Psychology and Social Sciences and the Department of Humanities and Communication.

Projects included departmental freshman and research projects as well as Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU).

About 150 total attended the event.

Awards were presented in the following categories:

Best REU Project: Alex Pessell, a biomedical engineering major from Arcadia, Ohio, for “Cross-Linker Geometry Influence on Mucin-Based Hydrogels.”

Honorable Mention REU Project: Robert Dick, a chemistry major from Lawrence, Michigan, for “Effect of Electron Donating Ligands on Ruthenium Complexes for Use in Photochemotheraphy”; and Anna Favalon, a biology major from Wooster, Ohio, for “Developing RNA Interference in Soybean Aphid to Evaluate Genes Involved in Adaptation to Host-Plant Resistance.”

Best Trine Research Project: Kennedy Baugh, a biomedical engineering major from Walton, Kentucky, and Alex Pessell for “Bioconjugated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as a Platelet Aggregation Technique.”

Honorable Mention Trine Research Project: Sydney Camfield, a forensic science major from Decatur, Illinois, Haley Zumbrun, a biology major from Albion, Indiana, and Kaylyn Forrest, a biology major from Cassopolis, Michigan, for “Relationships Between Nutrients and Primary Producer Biomass in Steuben County Lakes”; Austin Shepard from Angola, Indiana; Colleen Bell from West Unity, Ohio, and Lauren Beebe from South Bend, Indiana, all biomedical engineering majors, for “Kinematic Gait Analysis of Lower Limb Joint Angles in Orthopedic Boot Versus External-Rigid Support”; and Karina Bruce from Findlay, Ohio, Devon Kelly from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and Olivia Coyne from Allison Park, Pennsylvania, all biomedical engineering majors, for “The Effect of Gender on Trunk and Lower Limb Kinematics of a Slap Shot.”

Best Trine Research Project (Work in Progress): Christian Horton from Goshen, Indiana, Terry Ratliff from Onsted, Michigan, Matt Seasor from Fishers, Indiana, and Lauren Wiegand from Plymouth, Indiana, all design engineering technology majors, for “Paint Booth System Redesign.”

People’s Choice Award REU Project: Joe LeSueur, a biomedical engineering major from Northfield Center, Ohio, for “The Effects of Fatigue on Impact Accelerations in Ballet Dancers.”

People’s Choice Award Trine Research Project: Graeme Basey from Greenfield, Indiana, Adam McHenry from Zionsville, Indiana, and Elijah Swingley from Albany, Indiana, all biomedical engineering majors, for “Novel Use of Electromagnets in Recapitulating Muscle Fiber Action.”

People’s Choice Award Freshman & Informative Projects: Bethany Ulring from Dayton, Ohio, and Paige Schiebel from Saint Charles, Minnesota, both biomedical engineering majors, for “Balloon Popping, Heart Stopping.”

People’s Choice awards were determined by attendees, while other awards were selected by a panel of judges.

Photo: Olivia Coyne, a biomedical engineering major from Allison Park, Pennsylvania, explains the research project she was part of to some of those attending the STEM Research and Design Symposium on Dec. 6 at Trine University. (Photo by Dean Orewiler)

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