Trine partnership to benefit Bowen Center employees

November 04, 2020

Bowen Center employees will enjoy enhanced educational opportunities at Trine University as the result of a new agreement between the institutions.

“We are very excited to continue growing our partnership with Trine,” said Wade Finicle, talent acquisition coordinator for Bowen Center. “Trine continuously helps Bowen Center employees continue their educational development, which helps Bowen Center better serve our surrounding communities. We are grateful for their partnership and assistance during these difficult times, helping us to recruit a diverse group of students and alumni to match our needs.”

 “It is a privilege to assist an organization that so ably works to meet the mental health needs of this region and the state of Indiana,” said Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D., Trine University president. “We are proud for this opportunity to partner with Bowen Center and look forward to the benefits it will provide to the Center and its services, to Trine University, and to the communities we both serve.”

Through the partnership, Bowen Center will receive:

  • Additional support to ensure employees who take coursework at Trine are utilizing all available academic and financial aid services
  • Enhanced opportunities to recruit Trine students for open positions and share information regarding their available services
  • Assistance in discovering grant and scholarship opportunities for employees and reducing tuition reimbursement expenses, allowing Bowen Center to maximize their impact on employee education
  • The opportunity to work with Trine University to develop unique coursework, degree programs, certificates and professional development programs. These can be offered in-person at any Bowen Center location or made available to any employee on any shift through TrineOnline.

Bowen Center employees who enroll in Trine University degree programs also will receive the benefits given to all Trine students, including:

  • More than 45 courses and two complete degree programs using open education resources, which eliminates textbook and materials costs
  • 24/7 tutoring
  • Free unofficial transfer credit evaluation, with up to 90 credits accepted toward a bachelor's degree program, and free application for enrollment into TrineOnline
  • The opportunity to earn graduate credits while working on a bachelor's degree through combined degree programs

For more information on educational partnership opportunities with Trine University, visit

Last Updated: 01/12/2021

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