New Early College Alliance lets Fremont students easily complete Trine associate degree

A new partnership between Fremont Community Schools and Trine University will allow Fremont High School students to earn an associate degree after as little as one semester at Trine.

Through the new Fremont Early College Alliance, students will be able to select from 18 Fremont High School courses that will also count for college credit at Trine. Fremont High School students also can enroll in additional courses available on the Trine University campus at a reduced tuition rate.

Fremont students who complete the necessary course requirements will be awarded an associate in science or associate of general studies degree, if they attend Trine University directly after high school graduation and successfully complete one semester as a full-time degree-seeking student.

The Fremont Early College Alliance expands on the longstanding partnership between Fremont Community Schools and Trine University that has allowed Fremont High School students to earn extensive college credit prior to graduating high school.

“Trine University has been an excellent partner in the initiation, maintenance and growth of the dual credit program at Fremont High School,” said Mark Sherbondy, Fremont High School principal. “Trine’s rigorous, high-quality courses help raise the academic expectations across the board for the entire Fremont school community. Fremont High School families enjoy all the advantages of earning college credits while in high school. The acceptance rate of Trine University credits allows students to save tuition dollars and provides flexibility to double major and graduate early.”

“Trine University is excited to be working with Fremont High School in providing new ways for their students to earn and benefit from college credit,” said Nicholas Gray, director of dual enrollment and K-12 partnerships at Trine. “This a great partnership to help local students get ahead in taking college courses at reduced rate, while earning both their high school diploma and credits toward a Trine University degree.”

Last Updated: 06/08/2021