Trine’s first Psychology Club serving growing number of students

February 18, 2021

Rocky LoTo meet growing demand from students, Trine University has launched its first Psychology Club.

Rocky Lo, lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Social Sciences and faculty advisor for the club, said the new organization will provide opportunities for students who have an interest in psychology to learn and network.

It is not limited to psychology majors.

“Psychology can be applied to all other areas of expertise, including bioengineering, healthcare, business and other social sciences like economics, anthropology, history, criminal justice and political science, as well as to everyday life experiences like parenting, personal development, etc.,” he said.

Lo said the club will give psychology majors more experience and practice outside of the classroom and allow any student interested in psychology the opportunity to be part of fun, educational activities.

Club members will be exposed to a variety of careers and graduate school opportunities in psychology as well as integrated areas of expertise outside of the field. They also will be able to build networks for internships or future employment.

“Most of our activities, events and discussions will be geared toward psychological application and practice, where students participate in activities that reflect real-world and professional practices in psychology,” he said.

Planned activities include:

  • Character analyses of real and fictional people
  • Situation analysis to understand human motivations in professional and everyday happenings
  • Ethical and philosophical discussions about human subjects in research as well as real-world events and phenomena
  • Awareness days providing general knowledge and resources for dealing with traumatic, stressful or unhealthy events
  • Guest speakers to share experiences and enlighten students about the options and opportunities with a psychology degree

“We also plan on utilizing the psychology lab to get students familiar with psychological instruments and experiments used in research,” Lo said.

Lo said he hopes the club helps students see the different options available with a psychology degree and the many ways the science can be applied throughout life.

“Most of all, I hope the club brings a memorable experience at Trine that makes students feel connected and proud to be part of Trine University,” he said,

The club is starting with more than 50 members. Officers are as follows:

  • President: William Horn, a psychology major from Austintown, Ohio
  • Vice President: Alyssa Mudd, a psychology major from Ligonier, Indiana
  • Student Government Representative: Kimmia Fotovat, a biology major from Naperville, Illinois
  • Treasurer: Cassidy Wilson, a psychology major from Coldwater, Michigan
  • Presence Administrator: McKenna Haskins, a criminal justice major from Lebanon, Indiana
  • Tech Administrator: Rylee Kokinis, a psychology major from Bloomington, Indiana
Last Updated: 02/18/2021

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