Held an Online Signing Ceremony for Cooperation

January 18, 2022



2021712日晚7点,美国特莱恩大学与陕西理工大学(Shaanxi University of Technology)召开视频会议,正式建立合作关系,签署合作协议。

特莱恩大学学术副校长John Shannon、国际事务副校长David Colbert、国际处主任Jenson Jiang、副主任Sarah Algaradi,陕西理工大学副校长王磊,国际合作与交流处(国际教育学院)、教务处、机械工程学院、电气工程学院、数学与计算机科学学院等相关人员参加了会议。

John Shannon表示,两校在工程领域的专业课程契合度很高,前期的多次沟通和此次的深入交流,为两校合作奠定了坚实基础。特莱恩大学愿意积极推动两校全方位合作,与陕西理工大学建立稳固、友好的交流合作关系。

随后,John Shannon与王磊代表各自大学签署了合作交流框架协议书,正式建立校际合作关系,开启了两校深度交流与全面合作的新篇章。

Held an Online Signing Ceremony for Cooperation

On July 12, 2021, our university and Shaanxi University of Technology held a video conference to formally establish a cooperation relationship and sign a cooperation agreement.

John Shannon, Vice President of Academic Affairs at our university, David Colbert, Assistant Vice President of International Services and Global Partnerships, Jenson Jiang, Director of Global Partnerships, Sarah Algaradi, Associate Director of Global Partnerships. And Wang Lei, Vice President of Shaanxi University of Technology , the Deans from Academic Affairs Department, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Mathematics and Computer Science attended the meeting.

John Shannon said that the professional courses of the two universities in the field of engineering are highly consistent. The previous communication and this in-depth exchange have laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two universities. Trine university is willing to actively promote all-round cooperation between the two universities and establish a stable and friendly exchange and cooperation relationship with Shaanxi University of Technology.

Subsequently, John Shannon and Wang Lei signed the MOU on behalf of their respective universities, officially established the inter university cooperation relationship, and opened a new chapter of in-depth exchange and comprehensive cooperation between the two universities.

Last Updated: 01/18/2022

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