Held a Cloud Video Conference with Shaanxi University of Technology

January 18, 2022



近日,我校与陕西理工大学举办视频会议,共同探讨合作事宜。国际部主任Jenson Jiang,陕西理工大学国际合作与交流处处长、国际教育学院院长谭娟参加了视频会。


Jenson Jiang表示,愿意依托双方学校工程学科优势,探索应用型工程技术人才培养的新模式,着力提升两校人才培养、科学研究和社会服务的质量和水平。


Held a Cloud Video Conference with Shaanxi University of Technology

Recently, our university and Shaanxi University of Technology held a video conference to discuss cooperation matters. Jenson Jiang, Director of Global Partnerships, and Juanita Tan, Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges Department of Shaanxi University of Technology and Dean of School of International Education, attended the video conference.

At the video conference, Juanita Tan focused on the International Cooperation and Exchanges of Shaanxi University of Technology. She expressed the hope that based on the previous friendly exchanges with Trine University, she could further expand the fields of exchanges and establish inter university cooperative relations.

Jenson Jiang said that he is willing to rely on the engineering discipline advantages of both universities to explore a new model for the training of applied engineering and technical talents and strive to improve the quality and level of talent training, scientific research and social services of the two universities.

During the meeting, the two sides also focused on the feasibility of jointly applying for cooperative university running institutions, negotiated, and communicated on the school running level, school type, cooperative specialty and exchange of teachers, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up Sino foreign cooperative school running of the two universities.

Last Updated: 01/18/2022

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