TrineOnline students finalists in business simulation competition

December 16, 2022

Jia Yi Tang and Hong Jun Tee, TrineOnline students studying in their home country, Malaysia, were finalists in an international business simulation competition, the 2022 Capsim Fall Challenge.

The pair finished third in the event.

More than 800 business students from around the globe competed in the Challenge, repeating their in-class Capsim Business Simulation, running virtual, multi-million-dollar companies head-to-head against their peers to become one of the top six finalists in their game.

“We wanted to see whether we were up to the rigours of the business world and decided to take part in the Challenge,” Jia and Hong said, “to see if we could use all of our business acumen to succeed. Besides, we think this will be a fantastic chance to learn some insightful things about the business world.”

The Trine team first experienced Capstone Business Simulation in Professor Randi Barr’s class, saying their experience, “will bridge the gap between what we learn conceptually and how to use it practically, indirectly boosting our confidence when facing a similar situation in the future workforce.”

While, “the opportunity to run a multibillion-dollar corporation is the highlight of the simulation experience,” Hong and Jia said it was both “learning by doing” and working as a team that taught them most.

“As students, we have the opportunity of making mistakes in the virtual administration of a company. . . free to implement strategy and tactics by making important decisions that affect every functional area of the business.

“The simulation also fosters collaborative problem-solving. Having a team to work with is not only beneficial, but also what makes Capsim so enjoyable. We learn more from others and perform at a better level by engaging in productive brainstorming, reaching consensus, and using our business acumen. This simulation is indeed a perfect platform that teaches us how to work collaboratively and effectively in a team.”

Better equipped for an unpredictable future

“The future we are preparing students for is indeterminate and illusive – uncertainty prevails right across the economy,” said Capsim Chairman, Reda Chafai. “It is critical for students to invest in themselves, to work with learning tools that equip them to deal with random change.

“Every student who signs up for the Capsim Challenge is making that investment in their future, going further than their course requires to hone adaptive and responsive decision making skills.”

About the Capsim Challenge

The bi-annual Capsim Challenge is open to all students who have completed a Capsim Simulation in their course in the last 12 months. The Fall 2022 Challenge attracted students from universities in Australia, Canada, China, England, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.

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