Fellows, international students learn about organizational diversity during Detroit Excursion

January 12, 2022

Trine University international students and members of the Ehinger Fellows, a Trine student society that promotes and develops professionalism and servant leadership, learned about diversity efforts in for- and non-profit settings during last fall’s Immersion Excursion to Detroit.

Since the spring of 2017, the Ketner School of Business has sponsored daylong Industry Immersion Excursions to major metropolitan areas throughout the Midwest, allowing Ehinger Fellows and potential Fellows to tour and meet leadership at companies as well as get a taste of life in the big city. Kelly Trusty, Ph.D., advisor for Ehinger Fellows, said the goal of the excursions is to expose students to different organizational models and help them understand how they impact the region, industry and employees within that organization.

This past fall, Trine University international students also were invited to participate.

The event, which took place Nov. 4, began at the Henry Ford Museum complex. Students took part in a conversation about what it takes to lead a museum campus with Matt Elliot, head of creative and digital experiences; Cynthia Jones, general manager, innovation experiences; Bonnie Lobert, chief talent officer; and Mydashia Hough, diversity and inclusion manager.

“Our students learned so much from the panel of The Henry Ford Museum, especially in regards to ensuring individuals of all backgrounds are welcome and are of value to their non-profit organization,” said Mari McHenry, director of international community services. “It was very interesting for the students to hear that a museum is in need of positions in the engineering and business field as well. Who would have thought?”

The group then toured the Ford Rouge Factory that is part of the Henry Ford complex, learning about the history of manufacturing and seeing modern vehicle manufacturing in action.

“Regardless of majors, everyone was fascinated with the involvement of building a vehicle,” McHenry said.

Later in the day, the group took part in a diversity discussion and networking event facilitated by 2020 Trine alumnus Andy Myers, account executive for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. The event included speakers from Uniloy, Webasto, Accenture and Intercom, and students from Ohio Northern, Sienna Heights, Wayne State, Kettering and Tiffin universities as well as Trine.

The students also watched the Pistons face the Philadelphia 76ers.

“The Henry Ford and Detroit Pistons staff went above and beyond to provide unique, enriching learning experiences for Trine business and engineering students,” said Trusty.

  • Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

    Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation - Trine University international students and members of the Ehinger Fellows stand with staff from The Henry Ford Museum complex inside the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

  • Ford Rouge

    Ford Rouge - Trine University international students and members of the Ehinger Fellows inside the Ford Rouge factory that is part of the Henry Ford Museum complex.

  • Little Caesar's Arena

    Little Caesar's Arena - Trine University international students and members of the Ehinger Fellows inside Little Caesar's Arena, where they participated in a diversity discussion and networking event with other colleges and universities.

  • Taco Bell

    Taco Bell - Trine University students in the drive-through of a suburban Detroit Taco Bell. The group stopped for free tacos given by the restaurant in honor of a stolen base during the World Series on Nov. 3. Since the dining room was closed and the group's bus wouldn't fit in the drive-through, the group walked through - and was given free drinks by the staff as well.

Last Updated: 01/12/2022

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