Education One school receives books from Fremont Public Library

February 24, 2022

CASBStudents at a school chartered by Education One, Trine University’s charter school authorizer, will have more reading options thanks to a donation from the Fremont Public Library.

Career Academy Middle School in South Bend received about 800 books donated by the library on Feb. 24.

The connection came through Jill Noyes, who worked at the Fremont Public Library before she became director of library and information services at Trine University. Noyes learned from discussions with Brenda Mescher, assistant director of community connections and compliance for Education One, that its charter schools had a need for books for their libraries.

“Public libraries turn over their collections much more quickly than school libraries do, and most of the books are in good condition,” said Noyes. “The Fremont Public Library hadn’t been able to have a book sale due to COVID-19 and was running out of room, so this was a great solution. They were glad to be able to get the books in the hands of kids.”

“We’re grateful for the expanded access our students will have to reading materials and resources through the support of the Fremont Public Library. This is a win for everyone involved,” said Mescher.

Education One at Trine University is one of about 45 higher education institutions in the United States serving as an authorizer of public charter schools, and one of four in the state of Indiana. Its schools implement a variety of innovative models serving special populations of students.

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Top photo: From left, Cadence Reeves, Peyton Alsfasser and Emma Richards, students at Career Academy Middle School in South Bend, hold books donated to the school by the Fremont Public Library.

Right: Sud'Dynn Smith, a student at Career Academy Middle School in South Bend, holds a book donated by the Fremont Public Library.

Last Updated: 03/16/2022

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