Trine chapter joins Phi Eta Sigma's 100th anniversary

December 07, 2022

By John Lewis
Communication ’23

Phi Eta Sigma
From left, Dr. Haseeb Kazi, Trine University professor of mathematics, Dr. Mary Lee Caldwell, executive director, Dr. Golam Mathbor, executive board member, Timothy Lemper, J.D., national president, Etseoghena Alieme and Nicholas Andrews, Trine University student delegates.
On the weekend of Oct. 14, Trine University’s chapter of the Phi Eta Sigma freshman honor society joined the organization’s convention celebrating 100 years of inspiring and supporting students, the first time Trine participated in a national event.

The convention, held in Birmingham, Alabama, lasted three days and was filled with personal and professional growth opportunities for the student leaders in attendance. The current treasurer of the student-led chapter, Etseoghena Alieme, as well as last year’s vice president, Nicholas Andrews, and faculty advisor Haseeb Kazi, Ph.D., attended the event.

“We went to fun events and discussions on growing one’s chapter,” Alieme recalled. “ A business event was also organized, as well as team-building events and a chapter sustainability discussion.“

Activities included a tour of the city, exploring places like the Birmingham Museum of Arts, as well as talks presented by regional leaders and celebrities, including Birmingham’s city management and Phi Eta Sigma’s national leadership. There also were informal get-togethers, networking opportunities and volunteer opportunities at places like the local library.

Phi Eta
Trine University's Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma freshman honor society at the organization's convention. From left, Etseoghena Alieme, Dr. Haseeb Kazi and Nicholas Andrews.
“All these discussions and events greatly enlightened me and brought up many ideas to help improve Trine,” said Alieme. “Overall, it was a great event… Contacts were exchanged and connections were made. I am grateful to the National Committee of Phi Eta Sigma, and Trine’s chapter, for this opportunity.”

Trine’s involvement in the convention was in large part due to the contributions of Trine’s chapter president Savri Bhatt, who worked closely with Kazi in order to secure travel and attendance grants from the national office of Phi Eta Sigma, as well as additional funding from Trine University Student Government. The Trine student delegates made the most of their time at the conference, with the full support of Trine University’s chapter behind them.

Phi Eta
From left, Etseoghena Alieme, Dr. Haseeb Kazi, Jaylin Goodwin, national coordinator for chapters and membership, Dr. Mary Lee Caldwell, Nicholas Andrews.
“Our chapter delegates actively participated in all activities including the business meetings,” Kazi reported. “As a future goal, we plan to get our student officers involved with the Midwest regional leadership of the honor society. Encouraging and facilitating our students’ active involvement and participation in such national events play a pivotal role in their personal and social development, thereby preparing them to succeed, lead and serve.”

The chapter extends special thanks to Trine University’s Student Government and to Clare Danner, David Cox, Deb McHenry and Christine Freed of Trine University’s administration for their help in facilitating and supporting the university’s presence at this event.

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