Exec discusses TV sports on Trine podcast

March 30, 2023

Chris Berg
Chris Berg
A longtime television journalist and executive talks about professional sports on the airwaves in the newest episode of Trine University’s Center for Sports Studies podcast.

Chris Berg began his career as a news journalist more than three decades ago and currently serves as vice president of content development at Nexstar Media Group. In that role, he produces some of the largest live events on national television.

In the podcast, Berg discusses rights deals with professional sports leagues, the future of regional sports networks and how local affiliates can compete, and how broadcasters are adjusting in the age of streaming. He also shares how networks determine their advertising rates for large events such as the Super Bowl.

Produced through the Trine Broadcasting Network, the Trine Center for Sports Studies podcast focuses on the business side of sports, including interviews with sports professionals and current research in sports studies. Hosted by Center for Sports Studies director Brandon Podgorski, the podcast is available at css.transistor.fm as well as on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

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