STEM Symposium 2020

The symposium features student projects from the Bock Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Psychology and Social Sciences.

Projects included departmental freshman and research projects as well as Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU).

4th Annual STEM Symposium Winners
Virtual Event
November 13, 2020

Best Trine Biomedical Engineering Research Project
Simulating Lung Tumor Microenvironments with a Pulmonary Vasculature-On-A-Chip Model
By Madison Howard & Ashley Spirrison

Best Trine Chemical Engineering Research Project
Construction of a Batch Photobioreactor for Triacylglycerol Production
By Alec Parr

Best Biomedical Engineering Freshman Informative Project
Olympus Corporation Duodenoscope Infects Patients with “Superbug”
By Nikki Hibler & Kaitlyn Key

Honorable Mention Biomedical Engineering Freshman Informative Project
Gene Therapy: The Case of Jesse Gelsinger
By Scarlett Elliott & Olivia Schuller

Biomedical Engineering


Variations in Gait Kinetics and Kinematics of the Hip and Pelvis from Differing Ankle Orthoses.

Zharia Dodson, Lucas Harmon, Kelsie Kimbrough, Upasana Shrestha

Analyzing Kinematics and Kinetics of Gait with Different Ankle Fixation.

Kortney Helm, Payton Nickoli, Mia Schlueter, Remington Trick

Differences in Gait Kinematics Due to Varying Ankle Orthoses.

Christa Buehler, Connor Moon, Christian Schaffer

Sex-Specific Differences of Trunk and Lower-Limb Kinematics while Performing a Hockey Slap Shot. 

Troy Bosse, Natalee Kunze, Hunter Moore, Austin Stauffer

Investigation of Lower-Limb Rotational Differences Between Sexes to Maximize Efficiency and Rotational Power of a Hockey Slapshot.

Lance Jutze, Isabell Odambo, Angela Pokharel, Adam Slaber

Simulating Lung Tumor Microenvironments with a Pulmonary Vasculature-On-A-Chip ModelMadison Howard, Ashley Spirrison

Wearable Transcutaneous Bilirubin Sensor

Jayden Pothoof, Benjamin Reynolds

Blood-Brain-Barrier on-a-Chip for Drug Transport Assessment

Noah Bildner, Gabrielle Hamilton





Sleep Walking

Kenneth Barrera-Garcia, Megan Elliott, Isaac Hawkins, Kaitlin Rathbun

Borderline Personality Disorders

Janette Miller, Harlow Shepherd, Augustus Tipping

Eating Disorders

Brayanna Kelly, Ashley Purnhagen

Dissociative Disorders

Valentina Brooks, Kabryn Myers


Kailee Cornell, Nina Huber, Haley Alyssa Livingston, Kennedy Penney

Anxiety Age differences

Abigail Blaszczyk, Cora McClain, Hope Stump, Elyse Williams


Kalub Walters


Home Schooling

Alexander Majewski