Shane Brancato

June 07, 2022

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Shane Brancato is hoping to gain valuable clinical experience as a Cardiac Rehab intern at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Illinois.

During his internship, Shane is assisting nurses and patients with all aspects of cardiac rehab procedures. This includes monitoring heart rates and blood pressures, recording and tracking exercise data, monitoring EKG readings, assisting patients with exercise, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and interacting on a personal level with patients.

"As someone who would like to stay in the medical field, I think this is a great starting point that will allow me to get comfortable working in a hospital setting and working hands on with patients," said Shane.

Knowing how to use and read many of the devices (Blood pressure cuffs, EKGs) has been a huge help for Shane to hit the ground running.

"Trine prepared me for this role by giving me many of the tools I needed to be successful right away."
- Shane Brancato

"The opportunities I have had in class to practice these things has been a huge advantage in helping me become comfortable in this role very quickly," said Shane. "I am also confident in my ability to articulate all of the medical and physiological concepts I have learned at a professional level. Much of the information I have learned in class at Trine has set the baseline of things I need to know to help educate others and teach them to exercise safely."

Shane really enjoys the fact that he is in a very upbeat and fun environment while also gaining valuable experience to prepare him for his future.

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