Allison Massey

April 19, 2018

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With degrees in human services and criminal justice and plans to earn an MBA, Allison Massey knows she has many career options ahead of her.

“I want to be well-rounded so I can qualify for a variety of positions,” she said.

Currently working in an addictions residential center at Park Center, a comprehensive behavioral health provider offering services in Allen, Adams and Wells counties, Allison said she has known since she was a little girl that she wants to help people.

“I was interested in mental health because these issues are everywhere and affect so many people,” she said.

She earned her associate’s in human services before hearing about Trine University from Prof. Kathryn Davis.

“I decided to attend Trine because it was the most cost-efficient and convenient to my schedule as a working mother,” she said. “I absolutely was happy with my decision and highly recommend it.”

She wanted something “a little different” for her bachelor’s degree, and elected to pursue criminal justice.

“I have also been interested in the law and court procedures. I LOVE my criminal justice degree,” she said. “I think business will be the cherry on top.”

She hopes her MBA will give her the opportunity for career advancement, possibly helping the unit she works in now, a recent addition to Park Center, grow and develop.

“I know my Trine education will help me reach my career goals,” she said. “I also have a sense of accomplishment from meeting my goal to get a bachelor’s degree, and I look forward to earning my master’s.”

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