Derek Miller

October 23, 2019

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A single Trine University class pointed Derek Miller in the direction of his career.

Miller, who graduated from Trine in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, is now working as a marketing manager for IMG, an international insurance company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Miller knew that his bachelor’s degree in communication could apply to many jobs.

“In many ways, the hardest part of finding a job was determining which road I wanted to go down,” he mentioned.

But after taking a Digital Advertising class his senior year, he realized the opportunity for a role in marketing and welcomed the challenge.

At IMG, Miller works to plan, execute and oversee several digital marketing campaigns, which vary in search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website content. He then measures and reports the revenue improvements that take place after the change or campaign is implemented.

Shortly after Miller started at IMG he made a meaningful impact.

“I was able to implement changes in one of our SEM campaigns that resulted in a 100 percent increase in return on investment. It was great to project that impact, make the changes and then watch the results materialize,” said Miller.

Miller spoke highly of his time at Trine. He said he came to the university because of its high job placement rate, but he found that Trine has much more to offer.

“I met a lot of great, lifelong friends at Trine, but from a professional standpoint, I enjoyed and valued my professors at Trine the most. Many of the HAC professors keep in touch with me and were always willing to lend a hand at school or in my career,” said Miller.

“My classes at Trine in interpersonal communication and business communication prepared me with the necessary skills to learn, teach and interact with the many walks of life you encounter in an agency environment and beyond.”

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