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Chad Smith

Business Administration

Chad Smith

When Chad Smith was looking for a college, he wanted to surround himself with the best team possible. He found that at Trine University.

“During my visit to the Trine University campus in Angola everyone — from students and professors to counselors — were very helpful and pleasant, making me feel at home and solidifying the fact that I would not be a number,” he said.

Chad graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in health care management. His interest in health care stemmed from the majority of family members he had working in the field.  

Transferring from a college that predominantly offered seated classes, Chad said he initially found taking classes online challenging.

“I have always preferred face-to-face over online, as it worked well with my learning style,” he said. “What helped me overcome the challenge was that my professors have been very open and approachable. Whether via email, phone or setting up a one-on-one meeting in person, they have proven to be a resource as dedicated to my success as I was.” 

He plans to start an administrator in training program with a local long-term healthcare facility, and eventually take state and federal boards in Indianapolis.

“The certification from both will put me into position to work within the healthcare field assisting in creating a greater quality of life for others,” he said.