Maggie Wilson

February 17, 2022

By Lauren Banks
Communication ’23

Maggie Wilson was raised in a business household.

“My parents were entrepreneurs, so I grew up talking to customers, going to job sites, and understanding the value of hard work,” she said.

"Your courses relate directly to the work you will begin to do daily."- Maggie Wilson

She chose to study marketing at Trine after her sister attended the year before and encouraged Maggie to visit.

“I instantly fell in love with the faculty,” she said.

Maggie likes marketing, because while it is a broad business degree, she also had the opportunity to learn specific content like digital marketing and content creation.

“Trine focuses on a practical education that prepares you for a career,” she said. “Your courses relate directly to the work you will begin to do daily.”

Trine’s focus on mentorship is one key skill that has carried over to Maggie’s occupation. Maggie is working as a bodily injury claims adjuster in GEICO’s leadership development program. She plans to finish the program by 2023, which will qualify her to manage an operational unit.

“I had an amazing experience at Trine,” she said. “I loved the focus on a quality education and I hope to continue to see strong career-focused candidates come out of the university.”

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