Joe Zito

March 08, 2022

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Joe Zito, a 2021 Ketner School of Business alumna, works for the Detroit Tigers as an Assistant Equipment Manager. While Joe enjoys many aspects of his job, he enjoys getting to meet new people most of all. "I enjoy being able to work in the sport that I love and have the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds that also love baseball," said Joe.

Joe shares that you should really network yourself and get your name out to as many people as possible, and don' be afraid to take chances, the worst answer you can get is no.

"Trine presented me with opportunities for internships and always gave me quality guidance and advice whenever I needed it." - Joe Zito

Joe suggests learning a foreign language or getting a certification in programming, as it can help greatly with just getting an interview, and it makes you look more versatile for your future employer.

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