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Pre-Med Courses

The Pre-Medical Professional Track is designed for students interested in preparing themselves for a career in the health sciences. The track can be associated with any major offered at Trine such as biology, chemistry, forensic science, psychology, and chemical engineering. In addition to the curricular requirements of the student's major, the Pre-Medical Professional Track includes coursework in the following areas:

Requirements - Hours

General chemistry and labs - 8                   
Organic chemistry and labs - 8
Biochemistry - 4
Physics and labs - 8
Biological sciences and labs - 8
Introduction to Psychology - 3
Introduction to Sociology - 3

Total: 42 hours

Also, students in the track must achieve at least a "B+" grade in all science courses listed above. Honors courses are highly recommended. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better. They are evaluated during their senior years via benchmark interviews that address not only the academic requirements of the program, but also the following areas of personal and professional development:

  • Leadership experiences
  • Volunteering in healthcare
  • Job shadowing a physician
  • Community service experiences
  • Research experiences
  • Communication skills
  • Personal qualities and professional behavior development
  • MCAT preparation
  • Medical school  applications
  • Building a portfolio