Dual Enrollment Student Orientation

Welcome to Trine Dual Enrollment Orientation!

This page includes tutorial videos and helpful links to resources that will help you be successful while you are dual enrolled with Trine and beyond. To start off, please review each of the videos, especially the Introduction, Handbook, and Resource Guide videos, so that you can become accustomed to the Trine Dual Enrollment program as a whole. 

Steps to Register for Courses:

  1. Talk to your counselor, let them know which classes you are interested in and they can submit a request to us for you (Preferred method for non-homeschool students)  
  2. Contact us directly (best for homeschool students)
  3. Important reminder, students must meet pre-requisites before being enrolled in a course. Please make sure you have submitted all relavent materials to us to make sure you can get into those courses. 

Dual Enrollment Introduction  

intro  shandbook




Website & Resources Guides 

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Important Student Links 

  Interested in becoming a Trine undergrad after Dual Enrollment, click the links below for more information?