Air Force ROTC Scholarship

A “crosstown” agreement with the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. opened up a U.S. Air Force training program to Trine students for the first time in the fall semester 2007.

The agreement with the U.S. Air Force ROTC provides a training program one day a week at the University of Notre Dame, leading to a military commission as a 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation. If you earn a Type 2 ROTC scholarship valued at $18,000 annually, Trine will make up the annual difference in tuition expenses up to your original Trine University academic merit scholarship! If you earn a Type 7 Scholarship and convert it to a three year ($18,000 per year Type 2 Scholarship), the University will also provide you a Trine/ROTC Tuition Scholarship (which replaces your previous lower valued Trine University merit scholarship) valued at $18,000 in your freshman year and you are responsible for the difference the first year.

In addition, Trine students participating in the ROTC program who did not enter with an ROTC scholarship can apply in their freshman and sophomore years. It is not just first-year students who can receive scholarships! Current students may receive Type 2 ($18,000/year) scholarships after meeting the eligibility requirementsOpens in new window.

Trine students attend the ROTC classes and leadership lab at the University of Notre Dame on Tuesday afternoons and evenings (transportation is provided by Trine).

Major John H. Paek
Asst. Professor of Aerospace Studies
Recruiting Flight Commander
Air Force ROTC Detachment 225
203 Pasquerilla Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Telephone: 574-631-4676
Fax: 574-631-3407