Transfer Scholarships

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2023-2024 Academic Tuition Scholarships 

Transfer students who have completed a minimum one semester as a full-time student in post-high school, college level coursework are eligible for a transfer academic tuition scholarships. Transfer students who have not yet completed the minimum requirement of credit hours will be reviewed for academic scholarships based on their high school grade point average, class rank and SAT or ACT scores. The Cumulative College GPA is calculated according to all institutions previously attended.

Cumulative College GPA Transfer Scholarship Award
3.75 and above $20,000
3.4 - 3.74 $18,000
3.01 - 3.39 $16,000
2.76 - 3.0 $14,000
2.75 and below $12,000

Continuing Education Award

The Continuing Education Award serves as the Academic Tuition Scholarship for students pursuing a 2nd bachelor's degree. This award is valued at $13,000 per year.

Honors Scholarships

These scholarships are stackable with other scholarships. They are renewable, provided the student maintains full-time status (enrolled in at least 15 academic credits per semester) and continues to make satisfactory progress toward a four-year undergraduate degree. Students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society or the American Honors program are eligible for one of these scholarships valued at $2,500 annually while in an undergraduate program. One Honors Scholarship per student.

Other Tuition Awards

  • *Activity Award [Music, choir, cheerleading, eSports]  ($1,000/year)
  • *Dean's Scholarship [For admitted students pursing a degree in Actuarial Science, Communications, Education, English, or Psychology] ($3,000/year)
  • *Legacy Award [Brother, sister, parent or grandparent are alumni]  ($2,000/year)
  • *Out-of-State Tuition Award [For admitted students residing outside the state of Indiana] ($2,000/year)

* These awards may be combined with other awards, not to exceed cost of tuition.

Note: Limit of two stackable awards, such as Activity award and Legacy award. If two or more are awarded, the two of the highest value will be offered.