Delta Chi

"The Delta Chi Fraternity has dedicated itself toward the goal of ′Personal Growth Through Brotherhood.′ Your true friendships evolve by sharing common experiences and challenges with others, by being roommates, studying together, being teammates, or by just having a good time."

"Delta Chi will expose you to a diverse group of lifestyles and backgrounds, providing an opportunity for you to learn and to work successfully with others." This is the basis of the Delta Chi fraternity, as read in The Delta Chi Cornerstone. These words serve as a reference manual to success as a brother in the fraternity and to personal betterment as a member of society.

The Tri–State  chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity has been successful in this goal since 1969. On campus you will meet Delta Chis everywhere; in the classroom, on your team, living in your residential building. They are leaders on campus through active membership in many organizations.

As one of the highest cumulative GPAs fraternities at Trine University, Delta Chis are leaders in the classroom and leaders in the community, donating over 1,000 hours of community service each semester. 

Delta Chi annually hosts a 5K run that raised $3,500 last year. It is this success that has brought the Tri–State Chapter eleven President′s Cups in the last twelve years. The Delta Chi fraternity extends their welcome to all men who are interested in "The Brotherhood of a Lifetime."

Contact info:

Faculty Advisor Prof. Darryl S. Webber, Mechanical Engineering Phone: 260-665-4235 Email:

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