Kappa Sigma Alpha (KSA)

Kappa Sigma Alpha is the oldest of the local sororities at Trine University.

The sisters represent various sports organizations including softball, basketball, and tennis.  We are also very active in intramurals. The sisters of KSA take pride in our academic achievement, having one of the top GPA of all Greek organizations.

The Kappa Sigma Alpha Sorority builds its excellence on leadership, friendship, and our unique bond between sisters. Each sister is respected for her individuality and the unique talents that she contributes to the sisterhood.

The sisters participate in various off-campus activities such as Scott’s Cancer Day and many YMCA activities. We also participate in the social activities on campus such as Greek Formal and Greek Week.

The sisters of Kappa Sigma Alpha invite you to learn more about us as we learn more about you. We hope to show that through sorority life you will find new strengths and qualities that are enriched by the help of sisterhood.