Kappa Sigma (KS)

Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded in  the U.S.A. on December 10, 1869, at the University of Virginia.

Kappa Sigma is one of the largest fraternities with over 250,000 initiates. Kappa Sigma is the most preferred fraternity in the world.

More men choose Kappa Sigma than any other fraternity.  Kappa Sigma is a brotherhood based on rich history, academic zeal, and long-lasting friendships.  We pride ourselves on building strong brothers: strong in character, strong in wisdom, and strong in life.  The bonds we form and the experiences we share enrich our lives.  As a long-ago Kappa Sigma once said, “Not a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life.”  Kappa Sigma is for life. Kappa Sigma forbids hazing.

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