International Night 2023

International Night 2023

By Haylee Richards

On Saturday April 1, I had the opportunity to attend International Night for the first time, held at Trine University’s MTI Center. This event held its 54th annual event, open to not only Trine students, but the community as well.

I got there shortly after its opening at 6 p.m. and the event was already kicked off and bustling with patrons who were eager to learn about the cultures that not only make up our university, but our community at large. Patrons were eager to attend this highly anticipated event as children, adults and students went from station to station.

Upon entering you are welcomed with open arms and given a bag to collect swag throughout the night. Children were even given Earth balloons as they walked in. There is also ample opportunity to sample food from featured countries. Food at International Night included during the night consisted of barbeque pulled chicken, boba tea, kabobs, mocktails, fish and chips, chips and salsa and much more.

There were also activities occurring simultaneously. Patrons were able to make bracelets, participate in African drumming, paint pottery, and get henna tattoos to name a few. University students as well as members of the community could be spotted in attire traditional to their respective countries, representing their various cultures. Activities were also occurring on the court including basketball and musical chairs.

Seeing as this was my first time, I see what I have been missing out on. This is an event that brings together Trine University and the community at large. Not to mention it is a free opportunity for anyone who attends. Next year is sure to be a success, much like this year was.