Trine Broadcasting Network Spotlight

by Darcy Satkowiak


The Trine Broadcasting Network (TBN) covers events at Trine University for audiences to listen to. People can tune in to various athletic competitions and university ceremonies at Trine to watch and listen to talented students narrate the events. TBN gives communication students the opportunity to work with modern day production equipment and practice speaking live to an online audience.  

Andy Brown is from Hillsdale, Michigan and teaches online communication classes at Trine University. Brown is both the facilitator and commentator for TBN. At the beginning of each school year, Brown sends a mass email to the communication students with a list of events for them to help broadcast. He has worked with many talented students that have been given tools like TBN to be successful in the future.  

Brown believes TBN teaches students to have confidence, preparation skills, and poise while on the air. While in class, students are taught the proper broadcast etiquette before they step in front of a microphone. 

“There is nothing like a live microphone to provide the pressure that brings out our best", says Brown, "TBN helps students develop grace by talking live to a thousand people. It’s an important and irreplaceable extension of the classroom." 

The Trine Broadcasting Network is a valuable component for students to practice the many skills of communication. Students learn the process of broadcasting to an audience, and a behind the scenes aspect of assembling production equipment. TBN will continue to provide students with beneficial opportunities for experience.