Drama Club
Want to act? Build sets? Be a director? Be part of Trine’s twice a year productions! This organization is open to all majors, with or without any previous theater experience.

What can you do to help the earth? Get involved on campus and begin making a difference today through recycling and community cleanup projects.

Humanities Institute
Dedicated to promoting and spreading the humanities locally, this community endeavor consists of members from both the university and surrounding Angola community.

HAC Media Team
The HAC Media Team is the name given to students who work for the department in developing content and events. They write, film, photograph and more for the Trine HAC website.


Interested in giving back to your campus? Heres your chance to get involved! Whether you're looking for a way to kill some time, trying to build your resume, or even if you have some "outreach" volunteer hours due for class, Trine has many events to get involved in.  For more information please contact Chandra VanAken, Jeanette Goddard, or Sarah Franzen.