About Innovation One

Who we are

Innovation One allows your business or organization to tap into the intellectual and technological resources of Trine University.  i1′s team provides access to faculty members with Ph.Ds in business, engineering and the sciences, as well as potential interns and employees, state-of-the-art technology, and training to equip employees or students with in-demand skills.

The premise is simple

We want to help your business or organization achieve or exceed its goals.

As business challenges and opportunities are presented, Trine students, faculty and other experts will assist in developing solutions. Innovation One also will assist with research and development and other business and engineering needs.

Innovation One also connects your business with networking and career fair opportunities to give you access to skilled students or graduates to serve as interns or employees. We also can design educational solutions to equip existing employees with in-demand skills.


Jason Blume
Executive Director, Innovation One
260.665.4265 | E-mail me at: blumej

Timerson Downing
Project Manager, Innovation One
260.665.4644 | E-mail me at: downingt