About Innovation One

Who we are

Innovation One is a team of faculty, staff, and students. i1′s team provides access to more than 30 faculty members with Ph.D's in engineering and the sciences. In addition, meet some of Innovation One′s leadership team that may have a key role in making your ideas come to fruition.

The premise is simple

We want to help new ideas turn into a reality.

As new ideas, products and technologies are presented, Trine students, faculty and other experts will assist in the development of the ideas turning them into real products.

Innovation One will also assist existing businesses with research and development and other business and engineering needs. Innovation One will put new product and market resources to use across the region to expand business, create jobs and diversify the employment base.


Jason Blume
Executive Director, Innovation One
260.665.4265 | E-mail me at: blumej

Timerson Downing
Project Manager, Innovation One
260.665.4644 | E-mail me at: downingt