Trine innovation 1

Welcome to Trine Innovation 1

Your connection to Trine University's resources

Trine innovation 1 connects business, industry and the community with the creativity, brainpower and enthusiasm of Trine University.  Under the direction of experienced faculty, Trine students can provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for your business or organization while gaining career-building experiences.  Trine's Career Center can connect you with skilled graduates or student interns to meet your employment needs.  Ti1 also can provide training to equip your employees with in-demand skills.

Clients come to Trine innovation 1 for technical expertise in areas such as prototyping, testing, process improvement and more.  Ti1 provides assistance to business operators, entrepreneurs and local organizations with tasks including new products or business plan development, marketing assistance and employee training.

Community organizations and school districts connect with Ti1 for programming to equip students with the STEM skills so critically needed for our nation to be successful today.

How does it work?

After doing the necessary discovery work to fully understand both the situation and the desired outcomes, we put the full power of Trine to work.

For project-based solutions, Trine project managers lead students who have access to Trine faculty members with Ph.D.s in engineering, accounting, marketing and more.  Students complete projects in dedicated labs and facilities, using state-of-the-art technology, tools and equipment.

For education and training, we work with you to custom-design the curriculum that will best meet the needs of your employees or students.

Want to get started?

Contact us!  Every idea, project or business is unique and we look forward to discussing and developing solutions to meet your business objectives.