Innovation Challenge

High School Challenge Event

Date: February 7th, 2024
Registration now open - Due by 01/10/2024

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Challenge Guidelines

Approximate Agenda Times


Storm Tank Challenge

To gain more interest in participation in the innovation challenge, we have decided to hold two workshops on March 20th and the 25th. The intent of these workshops is to grow interest and cultivate confidence in participating in the challenge.  We will have instructors helping participants to use, and perfect, the lean canvas model prior to pitching their idea to the judges. We are changing the date for the live pitch competition to March 28th. 

  • Registration deadline March 20th (Just general registration... name and problem you will be addressing)
  • Workshop using the Lean Canvas Plan on March 20th from 4pm-6pm (please be registered prior to workshop)
  • 2nd Workshop March 25th being open house style, work on your plan with professionals and peers 4pm-6pm
  • March 26th we will notify those chosen to compete
  • March 27th all finalized presentations/pitch decks due to
  • Storm Tank Pitch day March 28th 9-3

Prize Money:

1st place- $3000
2nd place- $1500
3rd place- $300

(all one division- no separation for business/technology)

This event is open to any college or community member.

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Challenge Guidelines



Pitch deck PowerPoint example
Executive Summary Example 1
Executive Summary Example 2
Executive Summary Example 3



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Past Winners

Technology 1st Place Intellikits -Connor Wueller & Nash Brown Dekalb H.S.
Technology 2nd Place Instaheat-Chase Chmielewski, Vinida Chuegviroj & Zi’en Smith Career Academy SB
Business 1st Place No Rain, No Flowers Podcast -Carly Rasbaugh Lakeland H.S.
Business 2nd Place Bow Wow Boutique -Lexi Long, Phoebe Sullivan & Emma Huth Dekalb H.S.


Technology 1st Place Bent Be Gone -Star Dust Career Academy SB
Technology 2nd Place Auto Brights -Connor Wueller Dekalb H.S.
Business 1st Place Auto Brights -Connor Wueller Dekalb H.S.
Business 2nd Place Palate de Amor -Litzy Munoz Lakeland H.S.


Technology 1st Place Long Pants (Rip Stop) -Colleen Bell, Olivia Coyne, Devon Kelly, & Lauren Beebe Trine
Technology 2nd Place Cooler Koozie -Konrad Dorsey, Adrienne Rosey Trine
Business 1st Place Acacia Ranch Show Goats -Sydney Hefty & Matthias Hefty Dekalb H.S.
Business 2nd Place Milkweed Online -Brett Tierney Trine


Campus/Community Division
Technology 1st Place EZFILL -Mario Bonardi & Tiziano Bonardi
Technology 2nd Place Shank Week Communication App – Michael Scoffin, Joe LeSueur & Marisa Robinett
People’s Choice Award Shank Week Comunication App -Michael Scoffin, Joe LeSuer & Marisa Robinett
Business 1st Place FESS Fan Experience Strategies – Andy Myers
Business 2nd Place Back Beats -Doug McGregor
People’s Choice Award FESS Fan Experience Strategies -Andy Myers
High School Division
Technology 1st Place Project Helix -Tristen Anderson Career Academy SB
Technology 2nd Place Open Care Laptop Protector -Morgan Verse Career Academy SB
People’s Choice Award The Face Recognition Wallet -Raymond Milon & Dee Griffin Career Academy SB
Business 1st Place The Bounce Back -Abigail Yeager & Mason Fritch Eastside H.S.
Business 2nd Place Drone Shots -Gavin Swift & Caleb Nixon Dekalb H.S. 
People’s Choice Award NYLEX -Alexia Harris, Sariah Levy & Nylo Gammage Career Academy SB


Technology 1st Place BackBeat -DougMcGregor
Technology 2nd Place RFID -Dr. Pavan Karra, Joe Thompson II, Dylan Embry
Technology 3rd Place Thermo-Glove -Brody Cook & Evan Miller Career Academy SB
Business 1st Place H3 Baits -Cale Hall & Chase Hall Trine
Business 2nd Place Origin Hockey -Jordan Smith Trine
Business 3rd Place Joe & Grow -Jasper Bassett Trine


Technology 1st Place A6 Donut - Andrew Walters
Technology 2nd Place Nickel Free Belt Buckle -Angel Morrow
Technology 3rd Place Tuba Mouthpiece - Bernard Woon
Business 1st Place Corn Club -Jeffrey Bowman & Lucas Hochstetler
Business 2nd Place Lax Strong -Lucas Radice
Business 3rd Place Mobile Butchering - Peyton Schrock


Technology 1st Place Scream-O-Meter – Anne Mammel and Zach Seder
Technology 2nd Place Security Buddy – Jonathan Adams & Ethan Wierenga
Technology 3rd Place Cleat Strap – Colin Couch
Business 1st Place Run In Charge – Brandon Berry
Business 2nd Place Zachary Rilett – Greekals
Business 3rd Place Green Man Motorcycles – Anthony Miller


Technology 1st Place VibeSense – Braden Hale & Animesh Kunwar
Technology 2nd Place Reverse Door Bar – Alex Munger
Technology 3rd Place Toothpaste Fun – Anne Mammel
Business 1st Place Great Stats – Luke Fimreite, Fletcher Davidson, Rachel Morris, Tony Walterman and Brandon Hunt
Business 2nd Place ReflectED – Anthony Kline, Trey Calver and Devin Gingerich
Business 3rd Place J & J Costuming – Joseph Bowman, Jordan Penry, Gage McGrath and Zach Gering


Technology 1st Place B.I.A. Synchronization Application – Victoria DiFranco
Technology 2nd Place My Trainer – Allison Everetts
Technology 3rd Place Phone Ribbon – Allyson Ross
Business 1st Place Traydiums – Luke Summey and Mickey Schulze
Business 2nd Place Job Scholar – Trey Calver 
Business 3rd Place 3D Insurance Plan – Nathan Grigsby


Technology 1st Place Houseboat – Rick Sprow
Technology 2nd Place Recycling Life – Dakota Bagwell
Technology 3rd Place Grid Monitor – William Leismer, Richard Hammond, Andrew Rexroth
Business 1st Place The Regalo – Dani Pearson, Benjamin Witter, James Green, Joe Adams, Benjamin Clark
Business 2nd Place Custom Molds – Neil Miller
Business 3rd Place Mobile Home – Carlyle Homan and Bert Dickman


Please contact for more information.