‘Trine has become home’

June 04, 2024

Chloe MoyersAs a first-generation student, Chloe Moyers said financial aid played a big role in her decision to attend Trine University.

“The out-of-state transfer scholarship and small student-to-teacher ratio led me to choose Trine,” she said.

When she arrived on Trine’s campus from Missouri, she said she “was nervous, but so excited to start a new journey in life.”

“The campus is gorgeous and it’s a happy environment when a new school year is starting,” she said. “Trine has become home by not only creating new friendships and memories, but also finding things that I enjoy doing in my free time here.”

She is majoring in chemistry and hopes to work as a lab technician in the cosmetic industry after she graduates.

“I would say to any new student that you will have to find a healthy balance between school, work and friends FAST,” she said. “Don’t fear failing or asking for help; the staff is here to make your college life as easy as possible, so use all your resources.”

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Chloe Moyers
Class of 2026

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