Jaylyn Kroll

Elementary education, '18

Jaylyn Kroll

By Kelsy Taylor
Marketing '22

Jaylyn Kroll developed a love of teaching at a young age.

"Picking Trine was probably one of the best decisions I have made, and I truly don’t think I would be the teacher I am without Trine or the Franks School of Education."- Jaylyn Kroll

Her mother was a teacher. Growing up, she loved to go with her to school while she worked. She loved to play school with her sisters and always wanted to be a teacher until college, when she chose to go into the medical field instead and went to Ivy Tech.

A year and a half into her classes, she realized that medicine was not for her, and teaching was. She did research on what school she wanted to transfer to, and chose Trine.

“I changed my major to education, and I have not regretted it since,” she said. “It clicked immediately and I knew it was what I wanted to do. My mom planted the seed of my love for learning and teaching and one day I hope to be as great of an educator as she is.”

Now in her second full year teaching in kindergarten at Topeka Elementary in Westview School Corporation, Jaylyn chose Trine University for its excellent teaching program and the location of the school.

“I love the class sizes and the fact that I would be more than a number to my professors, I would be a person,” Jaylyn explained.

At Trine, she learned how important relationships were. Her professors were some of her biggest cheerleaders in college, and it made a huge difference in her life.

“Due to the nature of our classes, we didn’t just learn the philosophy behind teaching, we got tips and tricks from other students on what worked for them in the classroom, and benefitted from the wisdom of our professors,” she said.

“Building relationships with my students has been a skill that has helped me time and time again in my classroom,” she explained. “Sometimes you just get kids that do not care and ask for love in the most unloving ways. They do not start caring until they see how much you care about them.”