Angela Mucker

October 23, 2019

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Angie Mucker, a current nontraditional student at Trine is living proof you can, in fact, do it all. Juggling coursework can be challenging enough, but this determined individual does so while working full-time and taking care of her two kids.

After working various jobs, Angie found her passion while working as a secretary at Logansport Juvenile Corrections Facility.

“As the secretary I was very involved with seeing a variety of students and their personal stories,” she said. “I almost instantly felt a strong calling to become more involved with those teens who were being sent to the Department of Correction.”

“I would see their stories, but never really get to know them as people... and that is what needed to change.”

After an abundance of hard work at the Logansport Juvenile Corrections Facility, she was recently approached by a director of addictions who noticed her dedication and offered her a position as an addiction recovery specialist. The position typically requires a degree.

Today Angie is pursuing her passion of helping and understanding teens while working in the role.

Angie began her collegiate work nearly 20 years ago at Indiana University, and will graduate from Trine University in 2019 with a psychology degree.

“I love the small classes, and awesome instructors who not only know the material they teach, but also live by it,” she said. “I’m so thankful Trine and its faculty have been able to guide me through this life-changing whirlwind.” 

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Angela Mucker
Memory Care Support Specialist, American Senior Communities
Psychology, 2019

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