Evan Wyse

October 23, 2019

Evan Wyse has his big sister to thank for introducing him to mechanical engineering.

“My sister went to college for mechanical engineering, and once she got out and got a job, I was in a position to decide what I wanted to do,” Evan said. “I visited her work and I really loved what she was doing.”

Evan Wyse
Evan Wyse

He came to Trine University because of its strong reputation in engineering and the chance to play football. At Trine, he excelled in both, earning a 3.6 grade point average and being named a semifinalist for the Gagliardi Trophy, the award given to the most outstanding football player in NCAA Division III, for his performance as quarterback.

Evan received a lot of support from coaches and faculty in order to succeed both on and off the field.

“All the professors work with you. They know how much of a load you have with sports, especially junior and senior year,” he said. “They’re always available for extra tutoring. Also, football coaches know we are here to get an education so they give us the time we need.”

He is working as a mechanical engineer at Chase Brass and Copper Company in Montpelier, Ohio, where he interned while at Trine. In addition to the internship, he said his senior design project played a big part in preparing him for his career.

“Dr. Karra pushed us very hard and I really appreciate that,” Evan said. “He challenged us and made us think in real-word views, and think in a broader spectrum to actually solve problems we might not even have known were problems in past years.”

He hopes eventually to find a position where he can work long-term and advance within a company.

“I’m not one for going to a place and then not really liking it and leaving,” he said. “I try to go to a place and make it better for me, make it better for the company and hopefully work my way up.”

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