Terri Yoder

October 23, 2019

STURGIS, Mich. — Terri Yoder loved earning her degree from Trine University, even though she didn’t set foot on campus before she graduated.Terri Yoder

Terri chose the online degree pathway from Trine University due to her work schedule. “I think it's pretty cool that I was able to get my degree from the comfort of my home,” she said.

“Trine’s online program was perfect for me. In fact, it was so perfect that I was able to work full-time and finish my degree without ever stepping foot on campus."- Terri Yoder

“My experience at Trine exceeded my expectations,” said Terri, “I was pleased with the variety of classes to choose from and found the professors and Trine staff to be very helpful.”

Terri chose Trine because she wanted a college that allowed her to complete her degree solely online, but wanted a school to be close enough to commute to campus if needed.

Terri very much enjoyed the luxury of learning from home, but was also very pleased with the campus. When she visited, she found the Rick L. and Vicki L. James University Center “pretty impressive” and loved all the different amenities the building offered. 

Since graduating from Trine University in December 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Terri continues to work at a local appliance store in Sturgis, Michigan. She aspires to, one day, own and run the store, and plans to utilize her Trine education in order to do so.

With her degree, Terri feels she will be able to better understand and work with her customers, co-workers and manufacturers.

 “I feel that being able to connect with others is a key component in a successful business,” said Terri.

- By Anna Petersen, Communications ’20

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