Contests, Workshops and Events

The Writing Center often hosts events, workshops, and contests catered to our love of writing.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Writing Center events and contests! We typically host a few contests each semester, and no matter your major or class level, you are welcome to participate in them (and maybe even earn a prize in the process). Check out our upcoming and current events below for more information.

The Writing Center is also available for workshopping, either in the Center itself or in your classroom. We often visit classrooms to present general information on the Writing Center, to provide specific data on citing sources or writing tips, or to facilitate in-class workshopping. If you are a faculty member interested in workshopping, please email Janelle Pulczinski for more information.

For more information or specific questions regarding current events or to inquire about collaborating with the Writing Center, please contact the Writing Center at or Dr. Janelle Pulczinski at

Current Events:

Summer Recommendations

The Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center asked Trine faculty and students to share some favorite book, movie or TV show recommendations for the summer. Click this link to see some responses! 

Good luck with Finals; you're almost there!

Previous Events

April Open Write Poetry Contest: April is national poetry month! Congratulations to the winner. Check out the Instagram post on HacMedia for the winning poem. The author can stop by the Writing Center to claim a prize (or contact Dr. Pulczinski)!

Hear My Voice: A Trine University Writing Competition: The voting results for this year's winners are in. The awards ceremony was on Wednesday April 13th.

All winning submissions are posted to the HAC website.

This year's book, the Hear My Voice 2022 Collection, has Sold Out! Thank you for purchasing these books to remember our great authors. Check out our blog for a look at the cover!

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Contest: Submissions for the best worst pick-up line are in, and the ASN Writing Center congratulates our top three winners. Congratulations to 1st place Madie Rudolph, 2nd place Evan Mohr, and 3rd place William Horn! 

Roll A Story Contest: Create a short story using a combination of wild characters, environments, and problems!

Raffle-n-Write: Stop in to the Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center any time from 10am to 3pm, Monday-Friday, between September 20th and October 15th for refreshments, advice, or to recover from midterm madness and be eligible to win a great prize!

Letter to a Veteran: Write a letter to a veteran, and we'll send it for you! In collaboration with the Veterans of Foreign Wars group.

Stress Awareness: Let us know how you cope with stress for the chance to win a prize!

Resume Critiques: Stop by the UC Mall to have your resumes critiqued by Trine’s writing center tutors and career center professionals! Usually held at the beginning of each semester, resume critiques are offered by tutors and career center professionals who are available to help you create, modify, and improve your resume.

Winter Mad Libs contest: Fill out a form to help build a story! The tutors will choose the best stories to either be featured on our Instagram page or receive a prize. Congratulations to our Winter Mad Libs Competition winner, Griffin Lorimer! To view his winning story, click here. Our top ten stories will be posted on our Twitter page over the next few weeks.

Rename the Cunningham Contest Contest: the renaming of the Walter Cunningham Writing Contest ended on Monday 31 January. The ASN Writing Center's annual writing contest has been renamed the Hear My Voice Writing Competition. Thanks to Jeffery Cochran for submitting his entry into our renaming competition.