Mission and Vision

Trine University Mission Statement

Trine University promotes intellectual and personal development through professionally focused and formative learning opportunities, preparing students to succeed, lead and serve.

To achieve our mission, undergraduate and graduate students receive personal attention through small classes and excellent teaching. At Trine, we focus on your future by providing career-oriented higher education that emphasizes:

  • Active participation in classes, with a focus on teaming and collaboration.
  • The useful and practical, to complement rigorous theoretical study.
  • Intentional co-curricular experiences to cultivate holistic student development.
  • Learning how to do, while learning what to do.


Trine University will be recognized as a premier private university, characterized as engaged, dynamic, growing and adding value.


  1. Academics: Trine University will provide high-quality academic programs, actively develop new academic programs and academic experiences, and develop additional program delivery methods that fulfill the university’s mission and academic goals, and prepare students for a career or for additional education.

  2. Facilities: Trine University facilities (buildings and properties) will be “state-of-the-art” and will assist in recruitment and retention of high-quality students, faculty and staff. Trine will utilize its facilities to increase visibility for the university in the region as a major cultural, athletic and educational center.

  3. Enrollment: Trine University will increase its total enrollment in all academic programs at all locations while retaining its character as a university that recognizes the value of small classes, the need for innovative delivery methods and the importance of a vibrant residential community.

  4. Finances: Trine University will ensure responsible stewardship of its fiscal and physical resources while expanding its support resource base.

  5. Student Services: Trine University will provide outstanding services and support to all students in a safe environment for student engagement and learning, and provide opportunities that promote leadership, academic growth and professional development.

  6. Technology: Trine University will equip its various locations and classrooms with state-of-the-art technology as well as the resources and support needed to enhance enrollment, retention of students and faculty, and support for all curricula.